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            Xuzhou Feihong Grid-frame Construction Co. Ltd. is a construction enterprise with the national steel structure, grid contracted professional construction qualification and national steel structure, grid design qualification, and is the president of the Xuzhou municipal construction metal structure association. "Feihong frame" trademark has been identified as Jiangsu famous trademark, and has the right to operate foreign economic and technical cooperation.

            In January 2011, Xuzhou Feihong Grid-frame Construction Co. Ltd. settled in Xuzhou Industrial Park, with an area of 220 acres. In the production workshop, there are 5 light steel automatic production lines, an automatic heavy steel production line, a full automatic box beam welding production line, two steel tubular joint processing production lines, a plurality of truss rods, and ball processing production line. The newly ordered training extension Moorhouse steel structure processing center becomes the leader in the industry in the steel structure technology, production and processing industry. The company has become the steel grid frame manufacturing enterprise with short processing cycle, high accuracy and timely delivery.

            In the past two years, Xuzhou Feihong Grid-frame Construction Co. Ltd. has undertaken a large number of grid, steel structure engineering construction projects in China, such as: Xinjiang TBEA steel structure engineering, Ji'nan West Railway integration project of steel structure, steel structure engineering of Anqing City Sports Center, brilliance auto plant steel grid project, and the technological transformation Harbin cigarette factory workshop network engineering etc.. Also, in recent years, the company is committed to the international construction market, successfully undertaking a single project cost $32 million of Africa's largest airport Angola New International Airport Terminal steel grid project, and also undertook a number of steel structure engineering projects in Chad, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, and successfully entered the EU market building, through the construction of steel structure engineering in France. Chinese steel structure and grid frame has been firmly established in the international construction market, with the reputation of "Chinese grid frame, Xuzhou Feihong”.

            Xuzhou Feihong Grid-frame Construction Co. Ltd. has been audited by the ISO9001 international quality standard certification, ISO1400 environmental management system certification, and ISO18001 occupation health and safety management system certification, and has obtained the international market pass.The Company has effective quality management system, with high quality products and high efficiency to maintain the vitality of enterprises, to ensure the quality management purposes and direction, and to ensure that products meet user requirements.

            The Company’s quality inspection center owns quality testing, complete equipment and high-quality management personnel. It can make physical and chemical raw materials testing, metallographic analysis, X light, ultrasonic inspection, pull, pressure test and other testing, on the grid and other structures of materials approach the whole process of quality inspection and monitoring until the installation, to ensure grid and other steel products supporting the quality and use effect. 

            The Company has more than 30 high and mid-level professional and technical personnel and advanced design and calculation software, and drawing equipment, with world advanced level of grid structure CAD software FCAD2006, truss design software SAP2006 and STAAD/PRO, and the U.S. mosaic high-tech companies of light steel structure design software, can in the design, calculation stage ensure grid and other light steel structure is safe and reliable and reasonable in economy, and can optimize the selection and comparison of design scheme according to the requirements of users.

            At present, the Company has vigorously promoted the construction of green, environmental protection and energy-saving assembly type buildings, and has made great strides in the development of China's assembly construction industry.

            Feihong will be with friends from all over the world, as in the past, closely join hands and strive to become a world-class enterprise in the manufacturing and installation of steel structure, to continue to strive for the promotion and development of green environmental protection industry spatial structure and steel structure, design and application......

            Feihong, a flying rainbow to connect the world and gateway to the future!