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            Enterprise introduction

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            Xuzhou Feihong Grid Construction Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the building is the earliest Feihong) Chinese production grid, the steel structure of the enterprise, its products have passed the national steel structure, grid contracted professional construction qualification and national steel structure, space truss design qualification.

            As a well-known enterprises, China Feihong construction of high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, has the right to operate foreign economic and technical cooperation.

            The company is mainly engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of various types of roof systems, such as joint grid, steel structure and grid. In recent years, efforts to develop heavy steel structure and residential steel structure products, and constantly expand production capacity, master the sophisticated technology of space structure, to high-rise, super high-rise, large span field expansion. With the vigorous development of urban and rural construction, it has become the consensus of the industry to build a resource-saving residential environment and reduce construction costs. Therefore, to promote green energy conservation and environmental protection of steel structure residential building system, provide a broad market and development prospects for Feihong construction.

            Feihong is committed to building a diversified development, has formed a comprehensive solid steel structure residential real estate development, energy saving and environmental protection, integrated housing construction, new materials, research and design, equipment, materials trade as one of the.

            The construction has a fully automatic production line, automatic steel box beam (column) welding production line, two steel tubular joint processing production line, 5 automatic production lines, a plurality of light steel truss member automatic welding production line, and the ball processing production line, steel structure processing center peddinghaus new leader in the industry in technology, automatic control, is the world's leading steel processing equipment.

            The construction of steel grid structure design institute, with advanced design, software and drawing equipment and more than high and mid-level professional and technical personnel.

            Quality inspection center has complete quality testing, instrumentation and high-quality quality management personnel, can carry out a variety of physical and chemical testing, to achieve the material approach to the installation process quality monitoring and control.

            The company moved to Xuzhou Industrial Park, the new plant, the first year that has signed more than 150 contracts, the contract amounted to about 1000000000 yuan, and the rapid expansion of the market share in foreign markets, products are exported to Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania and other countries and regions.

            Over the years, the construction of the construction of the Feihong engineering at home and abroad, a large number of steel truss structure, and has accumulated rich experience, is a strong comprehensive strength, China's steel structure industry pacesetter enterprise network.

            In the past thirty years, production, manufacture and installation of the project at home and abroad more than 15000 seats, compared with the domestic engineering: APEC meeting held in Shanghai science and Technology Museum, CCTV No. 1, Shanghai World Expo studio Hall Museum, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Hainan Sanya Phoenix Airport, Shantou pier, Caltex LPG3 spherical warehouse, Zhangzhou Houshi Power Plant of Laxiwa Hydropower Station underground power plant of Qinghai.

            The steel structure assembly house is called "the green house of twenty-first Century", and the steel structure is one of the building structures which have little influence on the urban environment. It has been widely adopted in developed countries. The development of green building is an important strategy to solve the problem of resources and energy in our country. The steel structure assembly house is the best choice of green building.

            October 16, 2013 issued by the State Council issued document No. 41 (2013) clearly pointed out: "the application of steel structure in the construction field, to improve the field of steel using the ratio of construction of public buildings and government investment in the promotion of integrated real light steel structure earthquake and other natural disasters such as earthquake resistant buildings in areas house". The steel structure building has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, good seismic performance, high industrialization, fast construction speed and small labor intensity. To promote the steel structure housing is now gaining momentum, Xuzhou Grid Construction Co. Ltd. began Feihong established many years ago in the relevant state regulations and related workshop steel structure housing, is the industry's foresight. After the reorganization of the company built steel structure processing base of 50 thousand square meters, the introduction of advanced steel structure manufacturing center, the current Xuzhou Feihong Grids Construction Co. Ltd. and Southeast University cooperation in the development of steel structure residential housing system and building industrialization collaborative innovation project, with the construction of assembled steel structure building industrial park have the opportunity, as the base of the processing of steel structure building industry national strength, and strive to become the main force of national construction industrialization.