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            Modern enterprise management system

            The establishment of modern enterprise system of property rights and enterprise organization form, in the production, quality, supply, sales, research and development, personnel and other aspects of the formation of the effective internal management system and mechanism, to realize scientific management.

            Perfect quality assurance system

            Based on ISO9000 quality standards, to formulate the quality policy and quality objectives of the company, in the establishment, implement and maintain the quality management system, continuous learning, adopt advanced management methods, pay attention to the construction of well-known brand, to improve product quality and quality of work as an important content of the construction of famous brand to strengthen the quality awareness of employees. Continue to strengthen the product realization process quality control, quality inspection and quality supervision, grasp the key factors affecting the quality of products, and continue to promote the adoption of advanced international standards, to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises at home and abroad.


            Comprehensive marketing system

            According to the characteristics of the industry and law of development, to develop comprehensive marketing strategy planning, improve the distribution of the whole country's marketing organization structure, specify the marketing management process. In the implementation of the marketing strategy, the enterprise brand positioning, product mix, channel construction, marketing team, service support and logistics distribution system in all aspects of the establishment of steadily established, and gradually improved.


            Information system based on ERP

            Based on the development strategy of the whole enterprise and business planning, the use of computer technology, network technology and database technology, business process optimization, based on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) information system oriented, control and integration of enterprise production and management, to achieve internal and external information sharing and the effective use, to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises and market competitiveness.


            An all-round service system

            Customer satisfaction is the core of enterprise services, regard the user satisfaction project as a long-term mechanism to establish and nurture. Pay attention to a variety of communication channels to establish communication and customer information, establish the correct service business philosophy, the establishment of the service team, standardized service processes, fulfill service commitments, improve the service system, and focus on the service recovery in the implementation process, continuous reform and innovation. Establish a brand based service system and make it an integral part of the corporate culture.