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            Enterprise introduction

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            Company mission

            For the sustainable development of the company, as in the past with various countries closely cooperate with friends from all walks of life, hand in hand to move forward, and strive to become a world-class enterprise manufacture and installation of steel structure, to continue to strive for the promotion and development of green environmental protection industry spatial structure and steel structure, design and application.

            Quality policy of the company

            - Security benefits

            The quality of life is

            - innovation and development

            - creating first-class products

            The do first-class service

            The building first-class enterprise

            Company honor

            Advanced enterprise of national construction technology progress -

            Special Luban prize for Asian Games project

            ? the outstanding contribution award of the third Asian Winter Games construction project

            ? China Construction steel structure gold medal and Zijin cup

            ? China Steel Structure Association spatial structure branch executive director unit"

            Best enterprise in the steel structure industry

            Company culture

            The respect communication process

            Challenge innovation, surpass peak

            The construction of up to the future of the rainbow rainbow