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            Modular architecture is the path to efficiency and income
            Release time:2017-5-26 18:41:28      Click on the number of times:1601

            Hayek, a Nobel Laureate in economics in 1974, said that contemporary events are different from history, because we do not know what consequences they will have. For example, the big debate about real estate prices, and the reincarnation of the bubble and non foam of the fierce battle, who can not convince anyone. In fact, the regulation of the city since February, the surface to see is the city's purchase and limited credit upgrade, is essentially a systemic financial risk prevention and the shortage of real estate assets barrier preference may lead to the real estate is a good industry development needs.

            To the public, at the present stage of property income is the fastest way to buy real estate assets, many people hope to achieve financial freedom, through the sale of real estate but no ground for blame in such a society, consistent with the expected stimulus, some don't yet get on or just get on people regardless of the risk to enter the property market to fight to win or die. High leverage. Therefore, the real estate popular city throttle to the brakes, is a rational choice, the kind of discovery of a market on the influx, do rotten carnival, must be "visible hand" to guide, change.

            Speaking of visible hand, now China's real estate industry, the need for a more powerful "visible hand" for traction, that is, to promote the assembly type building. From 1999 to 2016 the State Council put forward the housing industry issued a document required to develop a prefabricated building, whether it is production or business model, Chinese real estate and construction industry has reached a critical point must change. Real estate macro-control is not only housing prices, as well as the construction of the assembly of this big project.

            From the mode of production, the current real estate industry or buy land, build a house, and then sell to make money. The market is too excited, thousands of enterprises on the one side of the housing model is monotonous year by year similar, there is no depth of industrial division of labor, but also the lack of industrial collaboration.

            Now the country's level of housing consumption is greatly improved, but the improvement of the quality of housing is not fully keep up, many industry insiders and even an illusion, we think the residential level than the developed countries because of their high level of residential, only the value of many domestic residential district greening and building facades, especially high-end real estate to sell at high prices, in landscaping planting trees, painstaking dig lake, artificial landscape, paint the colorful facade.

            In addition, the construction methods of construction have been rarely promoted in the whole industry, in accordance with the applicable construction methods, economic, safety, green and aesthetic requirements.

            Of course, because the chain of domestic industrialization is still weak, and even supporting imprecise, standard missing, leading to some high transport costs, to the development of enterprises to bring pressure on the cost. However, we can see the most outstanding real estate enterprises paldi, it only 20% gross margin, net profit rate of 7%~8%, but the rate of return on net assets reached 18%~22%. Compared to many domestic counterparts, the net profit margin of more than 10% or even higher, but a lot of return on assets is inferior to Paldi, because Paldi's operational efficiency through factory construction methods to improve the rigidity. China's real estate industry is currently facing the most obvious trend is that the net profit margin will go down, even if profits are still ideal housing prices, but also by the land dividend. In the face of this trend, the best way is to substantially improve operational efficiency. To improve efficiency, factory and assembly are the best choice.

            There is no doubt that a radical change in the way real estate is processed is a challenging undertaking. But when the process of civilization has undergone a qualitative turning point, we will find that an industry will continue to embark on a new road leading to a better future.

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