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            Bottleneck of industrialization and Solutions
            Release time:2017-5-26 18:42:27      Click on the number of times:1855

            Bottleneck of industrial development of assembly building

            1. policy. First, the cooperation between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises is affected by the traditional mode and faces difficulties. The advantage of state-owned enterprises, especially the central enterprises, lies in the strong financial strength, but in the field of assembly integrated construction, the technology of state-owned enterprises lags far behind that of private enterprises. Private enterprises not only have the invention patent of this technology, but also have a certain market order. At present the state-owned and private enterprises to cooperate strongly, but face control problems, state-owned enterprises tend to financial and other reasons put forward a controlling stake, while private enterprises or patent holders are not willing to give up a controlling stake, so that the two joint venture is difficult to have substantive progress.

            Second, the supply of land targets is limited by various factors. The assembled integrated building to realize the industrial cluster, according to the production capacity and 300 km radius of the city or regional transport estimates, each regional manufacturing base requires supporting the construction of at least one of the annual output of 10 million square meters, the small scale is difficult to meet the market demand and achieve the enterprise's own profit. In general, not including logistics park, life supporting area, administrative office area, and only for the net production, processing, assembly workshop area of about 2000 acres or more, and therefore need more land supply index. The plan has not yet been integrated into the local government and the land sector, which is the main obstacle to the slow development of the integrated construction industry. In addition, although the state has launched a series of preferential policies for the construction of prefabricated buildings, but before the introduction of detailed rules, the actual operation of the project is difficult to push forward. The local government should not simply apply the investment policy to the assembled integrated construction industry cluster base enterprises, and adopt diversified land supply methods.

            Third, the specific implementation of the policy is limited by the exercise of rights. Although the state has issued a series of policies, but in the actual project operation, the local supervision and approval department staff still exist a lot of misunderstanding, even delay, prevarication.

            2. financial aspects. Financing is still a big problem. Most of the assembled integrated construction enterprises are small in scale, do not have enough assets to obtain guarantee financing, and also lack the past operating performance of development and production, so they are faced with many difficulties in financing. We should further introduce and perfect the exclusive financial support policies of the assembly integrated construction industry, and provide financing directions and solutions for the safe investment of the industrial investment and the loan back circulation and the operation of the capital market.

            3. aspects of laws and regulations. The country has not yet formed a complete legal system for the assembly type integrated construction industry, so legal problems are often encountered. For example, assembled integrated building there is still no legal term which is the explanation to the industrial and commercial registration, industry regulations, industry promotion, financing inconvenience, lack of basic form related financial policy, industrial policy, and the technology innovation and business model innovation to bring new ideas, new technologies, new words and new commercial and industrial mode also lack the legal definition.

            In addition, the assembly type integrated construction technology subject standard framework has been basically formed, but the supporting system such as intelligence, new energy, drainage, communications, lighting, power distribution, settlement and other standards are still incomplete, earthquake, fire, environmental protection, energy saving, high repeated recycling and other core indicators are lack of quantitative standard easy to cause the horse, like a swarm of bees, dragons and fishes jumbled together chaos uneven in quality.

            4. regulatory aspects. Assembly integrated architectural design, parts production, construction, logistics and acceptance of the standard system has not yet been completed. As the core of construction industrialization, its technical system standard needs to be further refined, standardized and standardized. The main problem is not the technology itself, but how to standardize and realize the seamless connection between the various sectors, which directly affects the construction of benign ecological building industrialization and further popularization of the whole industry. The State shall provide financial support and additional incentives to the corresponding standards.

            Because the assembly type integrated architecture from the technology, production methods and business models have undergone a fundamental change, so it is necessary to form the corresponding supervision system and supervision mechanism, such as the formation of the Internet technology as soon as possible can be real-time tracking, visual traceability intelligent supervision mode.

            Solving thought

            1., overall planning, rational distribution. Prefabricated building is the strategic direction of the transformation and upgrading of China's construction industry. The implementation of supply side structural reform, in the field of assembly construction, first of all, to make overall planning. Should be based on the total amount of demand for rational distribution, to avoid duplication of construction, from the project declaration, approval source, to prevent excess production capacity. Assembly type integrated building industry base service radius of about 300 kilometers, priority should be given to city intensive areas, the industry developed areas, densely populated areas and convenient traffic areas, suggestions give priority to the use of assembly type integrated building PPP in the future, the integration of urban and rural areas, the construction of new towns, precise poverty, population migration strategy, shantytowns, affordable housing, public rental housing and the main city group construction. From the current market situation, a base in accordance with the annual production of 30 million square meters in size to design, fully completed approximately 10 square kilometers of land, including production, assembly, logistics, life, health and educational facilities, a population of about 150 thousand people gathered all kinds of. At the same time, it is suggested that in some densely populated provinces around the capital city, small scale, low investment and low cost assembly bases should be built to meet the needs of urban and rural areas and farmers

            The construction of "demonstration base" should be guided by "industrial cluster". The planning and design, steel, building materials, logistics, installation, decoration, household appliances, intelligent manufacturing, financial and life supporting the production of services such as dozens of downstream industries closely together, forming effect, agglomeration scale and regional competitiveness, stimulate domestic demand and promote employment, fiscal revenue and stable regional labor the population structure increase, promote the transformation and development of regional economy.

            The construction of demonstration bases should be motivated by innovation. The assembly building itself is the product of innovation. We must take innovation as the core of the integrated demonstration base of integrated construction industry, and explore further in management innovation, technological innovation, financing mode innovation, policy innovation, regional cooperation and innovation. In particular, enterprises should be encouraged to innovate independently so that they can be truly demonstrated".

            "Demonstration base" construction should make full use of big data management. Prefabricated construction industry chain length, involving a wide range of "demonstration base" is an industrial cluster, cooperation among enterprises perplexing, market supply and demand information changing, process design related enterprises should be more refined, the application of big data can make the prefabricated construction enterprises to enhance management level, improve the efficiency. The formation of competitiveness.

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