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            Feihong steel residential system introduction

            Xuzhou Feihong grids in industry university research foundation, carry out cooperative research with Southeast University College of civil engineering, experimental research on new plant model system of precast beam column joints, has conducted more than 60 test and inspection system, obtained the patent, and editor and editor in chief of national, local and industry norms. Formed a mature domestic steel structure residential product system.

            Assembled steel structure - Xuzhou Feihong the prefabricated light plate residential system, Ministry of housing in 2015 science and technology project "assembled steel structure prefabricated light plate housing system (2015-K2-031)" development and application of the office of housing "new steel structure - RC precast light panel assembly type residential system and 2014 in Jiangsu province (2014ZD26)".

            The main composition of Feihong steel residence system

            The structure system of steel frame with special-shaped column - beam supporting system

            The beam adopts the high frequency welding of H steel

            The frame beam column using prefabricated beam column joints

            The floor adopts reinforced precast laminated truss

            The inner wall enclosure system using prefabricated wallboard and embedded prefabricated external wall panels

            The steel components with thick coating fire type fireproof coating board PC outsourcing

            The main advantages of Feihong steel structure residential building system

            - a high degree of industrialization, industry strong traction, save social labor, improve social efficiency

            The house light weight, fast construction speed, short construction period (reducing the duration of 1/3 than traditional methods), significantly reduce the construction cost

            The concealed engineering, construction quality

            The construction occupies less, less energy consumption, reduce the environmental pollution caused by dust, sewage, noise

            The wall thickness of the small room rate (an increase of 8% compared with the traditional space form, transparent, flexible layout)

            The performance of seismic, fire prevention, anti-theft ability, safe and reliable

            - insulation, energy saving, saving the daily expenses

            The good ventilating and lighting effect

            High utilization rate of resource recycling - green environmental protection.