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            Design, manufacture and installation integration system

            Jiangsu Xuzhou known as the "grid Town" reputation, Feihong heyday occupy the national grid construction more than half of the market share. One of the main preparation of advanced enterprises as the leader and pioneer of grid construction Feihong industry and established the "Shenzhou no rainbow" is not only the progress of construction technology of steel truss structure is "" the national industry standard units. The construction of adhering to the "customer oriented" principle, to provide technical consulting, engineering design, program customization, manufacture and installation of integrated system solutions to customers. All kinds of steel structure construction products Feihong own R & D, design and manufacturing for different areas and various kinds of construction projects, can fully meet the needs of different customers personalized.

            Solutions include steel Feihong system

            Light steel structure residential design, manufacture and installation system

            The design, manufacture and installation system of steel structures for various plant buildings

            Large span space structure and anisotropic space structure design, manufacture and installation system

            Heavy duty steel structure design, manufacture and installation system

            Assembly building design, manufacture and installation system